Generifus is the music project of Washington State native Spencer Sult. Beginning in 2005, Sult has written, recorded and released around twenty LPs, Eps, Singles and Compilations. Generifus has toured the USA multiple times and Japan once via car, train,Greyhound bus and plane. 


A Meeting (2005, CD, Self Released)

Soft Climb (2007, CD, Self Released)

Solstice Songs (2008, CD, Sultan Serves Records)

The Water From The Well EP (2010, CD, Half Yogurt)

I Don't Have to Worry (2011/2016, CD/Cass, Self Released/It Takes Time Records [repress])

"In My Cave" b/w "I Know" (2011, 7", K Records IPU 134)

Back In Time (2012, LP, Sultan Serves Records)

Live At Gods Butt (2013, Cass, Spring Street Records)

The World (2013, Cass, Sultan Serves Records)

One and Done (2014, Cass, Sultan Serves Records)

Extra Bad (2015, Cass, Sultan Serves Records)

Peace Sign Rising (2016, Cass/CD, Sultan Serves Records)

Free Ways (2018, Cass/CD, Sultan Serves Records)

And of an Era (2018, Digital)

Songs About Nothing (2020, Digital)

Live in LA (March 1st, 2020, Digital)

Southpaw (2023, Digital)

Rearrangel (June 2nd, 2023, LP/CD/Cass, Anything Bagel/Bud Tapes)

Other projects

​"Another Year" or "Happy Birthday to Me" video with Sam Palmer (2011)

"The World" video with Brian Echon (2013)

"Extra Bad" video with Sam Palmer (2015)

"Favorite Thing" video with Sam Palmer (2016)​

"Sound" video (2018)

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